Supernatural England: 10 of the Spookiest Stories

Supernatural England: 10 of the Spookiest Stories

Supernatural England is the perfect book for anyone interested in ghosts & the supernatural.

A glance at this book will give even the hardened sceptic pause for thought. This collection of chilling ghost stories covers each county in England - included here are the amazing stories behind the haunting of the Theatre Royal in Bath, a time-slip in Yorkshire, a vampire in Cumbria and poltergeists in Lincolnshire.

Below are 10 highlights from Supernatural England - just click on the story you want to read. The book itself contains dozens more like this. Enjoy!

1. The Brown Lady of Raynham Hall, Norfolk
2. The Ghostly Highway, Devon
3. The Terrifying Time-Slips of Kent
4. The Ghost of the London Underground
5. The Phantom Army of Grafton Regis
6. The Ghost in the Ladies' Loo, Alton Towers
7. The Haunt of the Black Dog
8. Close Encounters of a Deadly Kind
9. Lucy Lightfoot & The Crusader of Gatcombe, Isle of Wight
10. The Girl With the Golden Ringlets

Supernatural England

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  • Rory Batho
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